One Thousand Suns is an experienced digital marketing consulting firm with Fortune 500 and start-up experience. We offer award-winning expertise without the added staff, salaries, and stress to provide exponential return on your investment.

  • Consulting for entertainment, CPG, education, e-commerce, and more

  • Cost-effective digital strategies and campaigns to maximize growth

  • Comprehensive marketing audits to provide solutions to increase engagement, leads/conversions, and brand loyalty

  • Content strategy, execution, and growth for social media platforms, website traffic, email, and e-commerce solutions

How WE can help You

Our focus is on operational marketing efficiencies and creating growth strategies. For some clients, these savings have totaled nearly $400,000 within a few months, online sales increases of 400%, or driving 35% of lifetime app downloads in just three weeks.  

Don’t see what you need? Just ask. If it’s not us, we can still point you in the right direction.

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Social Media

Copywriting, creative, growth, leads/engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok

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Email Marketing

Increase acquisition, retention, open rates, and click-through rates

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Data is rooted in what we do, not guesses. Key component to improve digital marketing across the org

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Project management of large-sale redesigns to promote engagement, improve user flow, and overall ease of use

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Media Buying

Providing optimal ad strategies and placements for budget and goals

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Market Segmentation and Customer Segmentation

Reaching the right audiences to convert traffic and sales



Sipra Thakur has over 15 years of experience focused on digital marketing.  She has a track record of success for building marketing of B2C and B2B companies from start-ups to established corporations by using data-driven analysis to empower marketing decisions.

Prior to this, Sipra headed up the digital marketing department at IMAX, where she worked on brand and studio campaigns for titles such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Deadpool, Game of Thrones, and more. She also led projects while at Universal Music Group working on marketing and sales campaigns for artists like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, U2, and more. 

Sipra holds a JD from UC Hastings and MBA from UCLA.  She was also named 40-Under-40 in 2016 and in Women to Watch for 2017.  Her work leading IMAX's website redesign also earned a highly coveted Webby Award nomination in 2016.