THE internet trends report from Mary Meeker: (not)(so)-surprising findings

(image from TechCrunch)

(image from TechCrunch)

Mary Meeker's highly anticipated internet trend report was released yesterday. The inner geek in me is squealing with excitement! Although not as surprising as past reports, it's also expected as we learn about the internet more.  

Here is my summary of the findings: 

Not surprising:

  • People don’t like pop-up ads
  • Mobile internet growth in China and India
  • India smartphone costs still too high for a majority of Indians but data costs are starting to decline

A little more surprising:

  • China’s consumers increasingly willing to pay for online entertainment (games + livestreaming + video)
  • Data has resulted in cheaper and faster clinical trials


  • China’s on-demand bike sharing has resulted in 100K+ ton reduction in annual CO2 emissions!
  • 60% of most highly valued tech companies founded by 1st or 2nd generation Americans! 

It's worth a read!  What are your not so-a little more-surprising finding(s)?

Sipra Thakur

Sipra Thakur founded her own digital marketing consulting company, One Thousand Suns.  She has partnered with an official Facebook agency to offer complementary digital marketing services for multiple clients.  Her ability to spin-off on her own has been prompted by her 13+ digital experience.  Prior to this, Sipra headed up the digital marketing department at IMAX, where she worked with her team to create integrated marketing campaigns, identify new areas of growth, and establish strategic partnerships to increases avenues of revenue and marketing impressions.