Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending Nov 2, 2018)


Instagram Adds “I Voted” Sticker

Summary: Instagram will roll out “I voted” stickers up to two days before the election and on Stories the day of the election on Nov 6. If three or more of your friends use the stickers, then Instagram will create a "We Voted" Story, which will appear at the top of your feed, showing you the posts from everyone who has voted.

Opinion: Vote. Seriously, it’s a right that should be taken with great responsibility. There are people who fight (and die) for this right in other countries.

Twitter Puts #BeAVoter Front and Center

Summary: Twitter is going to remind you to vote via reminders at the top of your timeline with info about the candidates, issues on the ballot, and where their polling place is.

Opinion: Vote. It’s your civic duty.

I’m leaving it with this in this week’s edition because of the critical importance of exercising our right to vote. Your voice matters, your opinion matters, who represents you matters. Read about the candidates and issues and see how they will affect you. Do it over beer/wine with friends, at the beach, inside by a fire, make it fun. And, most importantly VOTE!

Sipra Thakur

Sipra Thakur founded her own digital marketing consulting company, One Thousand Suns.  She has partnered with an official Facebook agency to offer complementary digital marketing services for multiple clients.  Her ability to spin-off on her own has been prompted by her 13+ digital experience.  Prior to this, Sipra headed up the digital marketing department at IMAX, where she worked with her team to create integrated marketing campaigns, identify new areas of growth, and establish strategic partnerships to increases avenues of revenue and marketing impressions.