Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending 4.26.19)


Instagram tests out hiding likes, Chipotle drove 100%+ in digital sales, and Dixie reaches a seemingly impossible 99% video ad completion rate.

Are Instagram Likes Going Away?

Summary: Instagram is testing hiding likes on posts to reduce a focus on vanity metrics. Only the posting individual or company would be able to see the likes. The focus would turn to what is shared, not the likes.

Opinion: And somewhere, an influencer just sobbed uncontrollably. I, for one, would welcome this shift as a betterment on what younger individuals are exposed to in their everyday lives. As print magazines of the like went through a similar “correction” in focusing on more “realistic” bodies, Instagram would contribute towards that change as well. As a brand, one could still see what is resonating with consumers through their on profile.

Chipotle Uses Digital to Drive Sales

Summary: Chipotle grew its digital sales by 100.7% in its first quarter? How? Loyalty programs were a key driver to this success as well as self-service pick-up shelves in restaurants and a relaunch of their website in February. They also added ready made bowls to order online to save people from having to customize orders.

Opinion: If there is any doubt, investment in digital is worth it for companies! Simple techniques that cater to customers wants translate into sales.

Dixie Ad Experienced a 99% Video Completion Rate

Summary: Dixie, a paper plates company, drove a video ad completion rate of 99% for one of its products with its ad on Shopkick, a shopping rewards app. “Shopkick incentivized consumers with ‘kicks’ — the app's rewards currency — to seek out the plates in stores and interact with the products. The tech company's 2D image recognition and post-scan video features let the CPG brand highlight product details and activate the branded video when shoppers were most ready to buy.” More than 1.7 million people engaged with the product in Wal-Mart stores and drove 16 million impressions overall.

Opinion: Reminder, Dixie is a PAPER PLATE company! It’s a great reminder that ordinary products can be exciting with the right creative and distribution points. Impressive.

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