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Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending July 6, 2018)


Swedish beer, technology to cure measles, and a new kind of fame in this week's Marketing In The Digital Age.

Swedish Beer Company Wins Cannes Grand Prix

Summary:  Budweiser put together a Cannes-award campaign for searches with Budweiser to show its place in musical history.  After their win was announced earlier this week, Swedish beer company Norrlands Guld bought AdWords against those search results serving up paid ads getting people to put down their phones and actually drink beer.     

Opinion: Talk about using wit over $$$$!  Although I love the idea of using music to tie together a a product, this Swedish beer company takes it for being smart with small budgets to make an impact.  Now where can I find a Norrlands Guld?

Using Mobile Phones to Prevent Measles

Summary: Measles is still a global epidemic problem and is preventable with a simple vaccination.  The problem is awareness of the availability and what it does in certain parts of the world. To solve this, UNICEF is using a simple SMS based application to spread awareness about measles vaccination availability throughout C'ote D'Ivoire.  

Opinion: It's as simple as that.  Knowledge cures ignorance.  (If only this can be applied to more facets of life... )

Superstar Gamer Announces Uber Eats Partnership

Summary: Tyler "Ninja" Blevins announced another non-gaming channel partnership with Uber Eats.  Uber Eats challenged him to eat one donut ordered via Uber Eats for every elimination from his Fortnite tournament in Chicago.  

Opinion: First off, Fortnite is a (virtual) survival game.  Red Bull announced a deal with Ninja last month around Fortnite and a gaming tournament which will be broadcast on his Twitch channel of 100k+ viewers.  The Uber Eats partnership represents yet another expansion of what is thought of as traditional sports and/or fame.  As marketers, it also represents a new type of influencer to consider and a potentially new audience to reach.