Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending Jan 26, 2018)


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Facebook Tipping for Live Gamestreamers

Summary: Facebook Live is launching a monetization strategy allowing viewers to tip a minimum of $3 to creators on their desktop site.  If you are gamer who is reading this, you can sign up here. 

Opinion: This is a great way to get even more creators using Facebook Live.  It incentives more creators to use Facebook Live over competing platforms.  

Twitter AI Photo Recognition

Summary: Twitter will use an AI technique called "saliency" to zoom in on the part of a picture where a user is likely to look to make. Meaning, instead of only seeing a cat's neck when you first upload a pic onto Twitter, AI has learned what most people will focus on and will provide for that as the center of the image.  

Opinion: It's a good move towards improving user experience, but there needs to be a lot more improvement to see a noticeable shift in user engagement. 

Google's Local News App

Summary: Google is testing a tool, Bulletin, that will allow users to publish local news stories and events.  

Opinion: Even though this will be on a local scale, Google will hopefully be integrating checks to prevent contributions towards fake news. 

Super Bowl Advertising Costs and Rejections

Summary: An ad in the Super Bowl will run a pretty penny, at least $5 million pretty pennies to be exact for a 30 second ad.  The NFL rejected an ad from AMVET using hashtag #PleaseStand in reference to players kneeling during the anthem.  NFL spokesperson said the ad was rejected stating the Super Bowl "has never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement."

Opinion: Having worked tangentially on a Super Bowl ad, it's definitely not a spend to be taken lightly.  Make sure your ad is unique, to put it lightly, and have clear awareness goals in mind when creating the ad.