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Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending May 11, 2018)


What isn't Google going to be able to do for us?  Adding to what it already does in our everyday lives, it can soon book appointments for you and automatically take pics of your baby's first steps. 

Google AI Assistant Makes Calls

Summary: Google Duplex, Google's new AI assistant, will make calls for you.  It can help you book appointments and more with its lifelike voice, equipped with the ums and hms typical in normal conversation.  The demo into a hair salon to book an appointment did not indicate that the voice booking the appointment was a robot, which creeped some of the demo attendees out.  Google CEO Pichai is welcoming and collecting feedback on the product in light of the awesome responsibility of tech in our daily lives.

Opinion: Remember that Will Smith movie I, Robot?  I feel like there may be a prophecy built in there somewhere.  With this technology evolving so rapidly, and like with any technology, it's hard to predict all of the outmodes, both good and bad.  Technology will, and should, progress.  That Google is aware of ethical responsibilities around that is a good accompaniment.  

TaTaTu Will Reward Users for Watching Content

Summary: TaTaTu is a blockchain-based platform co-mingling social media activity with entertainment viewing.  The platform rewards users with tokens to watch content like movies, TV, and more while also earning tokens for views by their friends as well.  The token will reward users and allow advertisers to pay for advertising on the platform.  The platform will be free to users.  

Opinion: There are other platforms that started out as free with ad-supported content and have evolved into other paid models.  Advertising based revenue is hard to sustain, so it's hard to imagine how TaTaTu will gain followers.  

Google Clips Getting Better at Capturing Candid Moments, like Hugs and Kisses

Summary: Google Clips' AI smart camera will automatically capture specific spontaneous moments for you directly to the camera's memory card (not uploaded automatically to the cloud).   So no need to run and grab a phone to capture your baby's first steps, Google Clips AI camera can do it for you.  

Opinion: Although this article is mainly rooted in opinion from its author, and I agree with a lot of what she says.  Society is pressing upon us that all moments need to be captured.  Personally, I rarely go back to old photos and videos and feel the mere presence of it during our personal moments act as a filter in enjoying what is actually happening.   That being said, perhaps this is background technology that privately captures our moments can free up headspace to be in the moment more.