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Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending Mar 29, 2019)


Checkout on Instagram, Facebook Ban on White Nationalism, and E-Commerce reports on Google Analytics in this week’s Marketing in the Digital Age.

Facebook Announces Ban on White Nationalism

Summary: In the wake of the New Zealand mosque shooting (the shooter broadcast the crimes on Facebook Live), Facebook announced it will put a ban on rhetoric touting (“praise, support and representation”) for white nationalism and separatism. If a person searches for terms associated with white supremacy, they will be redirected to resources on helping people leave behind hate groups.

Opinion: I assume the issues of First Amendment rights will come up with the block of free speech and something I struggled with, even though I vehemently oppose the content like this. What I see as the difference with this, hate speech can exist but it doesn’t mean a company has to provide the platform to distribute it. People are granted access to free speech, not distribution.

Introducing Checkout on Instagram

Summary: Instagram announced launch of a beta test where you can buy products directly on Instagram without leaving the app. “When you tap to view a product from a brand’s shopping post, you’ll see a “Checkout on Instagram” button on the product page. Tap it to select from various options such as size or color, then you’ll proceed to payment without leaving Instagram. You’ll only need to enter your name, email, billing information and shipping address the first time you check out.”

Opinion: Impulse shopping at its finest!

Google Analytics Ecommerce Report: Standard vs Enhanced

Summary: “Although the Enhanced Ecommerce reports offer more information, setting them up requires more work. Only make that extra effort if you don’t have another tool that helps you analyze your customer journey and sales funnels and how they generate revenue. And if you’re just getting started with Google Analytics Ecommerce reports, the Standard option is a great choice.”

Opinion: Having clients who struggle with the investment (time and money), this article outlines the benefits of enhanced over standard ecommerce reports on Google Analytics.

Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending 11.16.18)


The headlines are particularly self-explanatory in this week’s edition of Marketing in the Digital Age.

Instagram Adds Shopping Features

Summary: Instagram unveiled three new shopping features ahead of the holiday season.

  1. After tapping a product tag in a Story or on a post in their feed, a user can tap the save icon button which will prompt a “Save to shopping collection” option.

  2. Branded videos can include a a hopping icon which will feature products and prices of items in the video.

  3. A shop tab will be added for business profiles, which will also users to browse products from the retailers.

Opinion: If I were Instagram, I would go a step further and setup an affiliate sales program to take a small fee from sales originating from the platform to expand revenue. This would require making the links clickable. As a retailer, I would welcome this since it’s a new avenue from which to directly sell via clickable links (another method of paid media).

Netflix Testing Cheaper, Mobile Only Plans

Summary: Netflix is testing out cheaper mobile only plans in order to test out expansion into Asia. The first test is in Malaysia at about $4/month.

Opinion: If a company wants to expand into Asia, mobile plans are the right target given its penetration rate over smart tv’s and laptops. It also allows the company to enter at a more favorable price point in countries where salaries are lower.

Facebook Fundraisers Raised Over a Billion Dollars

Summary: Facebook announced it helped raise over a billion dollars for charities through its fundraising and donate tools. They have over a million non-profits registered in 19 countries that can receive donations directly through Facebook and over 20 million people have donated or started a fundraiser.

Opinion: I thought I would end this week’s edition on the positive that can also come from social media and community giving.