Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending Jan 19, 2018)


All of marketing seems to continue to be on the Facebook newsfeed change this week.  Facebook announced that it will prioritize content from friends, families, and groups.  I didn't think much of it since Facebook is largely a pay-to-play space for brands to make a meaningful impact already.  This change only (slightly) amplifies media, brands, and publishers paying more for ads. 

Zuckerberg warned his change would have people spending less time on the platform, though I think it's a way for Facebook to charge even more for ads (thus adding to overall revenue). A few articles have expressed just that, leading into the first story in our News Round-Up this week...

Facebook's Newsfeed Changes Is About Getting You To Click The Ads

Summary:  See above 

Opinion: See above

Spotify Launches New Podcast

Summary: Spotify announced it will release podcasts with visual elements.  At launch, they will feature content from Buzzfeed, Cheddar, Gimlet Media, and others, including Spotify's own original content.  

Opinion: I'm not quite understanding the appeal of this since I thought the point of a podcast was to sit back and listen, not watch something. 

KFC's Meditation Ads

Summary: KFC launched a series of videos focused on mediation, mindfulness, and affirmation.  Central to the videos are KFC's pot pies. 

Opinion: This feels like a thinly veiled attempt at capturing the newly legalized marijuana audience in California, though I have yet to come across media coverage making this connection.