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Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending Mar 22, 2019)


Calling on B2B businesses, LinkedIn launches new targeting options; Google eCommerce Guide; and Google My Business tweaks to bring in more foot traffic in this week’s Marketing in the Digital Age.

LinkedIn Adds Targeting Options

Summary: LinkedIn announced it will add lookalike audiences (using traits of your ideal member to find similar audiences on LinkedIn), audience templates (for those who don’t quite know their target market, this will help you search for them using key criteria), and search data (using data from parent company Microsoft via Bing to use complement interest targeting).

Opinion: About time! For B2B companies, advertising options can be limiting in the sense that they don’t always reach their key audience easily. These key targeting options will allow those options to expand while also increasing revenue for LinkedIn.

Google eCommerce Guide

Summary: Google released an eCommerce guide to help business quickly see all tools at their disposal to promote with them.

Opinion: Quick guides like this one are helpful, though it would be great to include a little more detail for businesses that may not be versed in the space.

Google Business Tweaks for Foot Traffic


  1. Answer Google Q&A quickly: these could be leads

  2. Post about your proximity to nearby major attractions: example, hungry after your walk in the park, head over to XYZ Cafe!

  3. Turn your Profile into storefronts. “See What’s In Store Inventory (SWIS)” is being touted as the next big thing in local marketing.

  4. Make your profile pic a selfie hotspot: if you have an area where people can stop and take pics in front of, do it. Make a mural, post a phrase, whatever will get those clicks.

  5. Putting time on your side: make sure you’re open when your customer wants you

Opinion: If you’re a storefront or business looking for walk-in traffic, these tweaks are easy with a good return. Now that Google has shut down Google+, Google My Business is becoming an important SEO tool for SEO ranking.