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One Thousand Suns

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Sipra Thakur runs the digital marketing consulting firm, One Thousand Suns, where she helps B2C and B2B start-ups and traditional companies with digital marketing transformations. Prior to this, Sipra was Head of Digital Marketing at IMAX, which included social, website redesign (Webby award nominated), email, paid media, and analytics. Based on her work there and from several other start-up roles within companies like Universal Music and The Wonderful Company, Sipra has also been named as a 40-Under-40 and Women to Watch in marketing.
What are you passionate about? 

  • I’m passionate about creating influence and ideas and bringing them to life with a strong strategic focus.  I enjoy creating unique marketing initiatives tailored for companies while using supporting data to ensure the initiatives will have an impact for them.  Creativity coupled with strategy best help ensure maximizing reach, impressions, and ultimately sales/revenue for companies.  

What one piece of advice would you give an easy stage startup regarding your area of expertise?

  • Get marketing help! It’s easy to think marketing comes easy because it’s accessible-- most everyone uses social media and is exposed to ads, branding, etc.  Just because someone uses Facebook doesn’t mean s/he necessarily knows how to market on it though.  Good marketers use data alongside experience to best lay out plans for growth and engagement for companies.  Use any marketing resources you can while at the Preccelerator.

What do you like best about mentoring at the Preccelerator? 

  • What I like best about mentoring at the Preccelerator is the breadth of companies in the program and seeing the innovation come forth across a variety of industries. Within corporate roles, we are often exposed to a limited area of practice (one of the reasons I started my own consulting firm, to help a wider scope of companies).  Working with the Preccelerator keeps me apprised of happenings outside of my normal walk of life and walk a little further. 

5 Tips for Effective YouTube Marketing


5 Tips for Effective YouTube Marketing in 2019

  1. Use keywords and Call-to-Actions:

    • Like its parent, Google, YouTube is a search engine for videos. As so, in order to be found, tag with relevant keywords related to your video/brand. If you’re a yogurt company with a video about your product, tag with relevant keywords like “yogurt”, “yogurt cake”, “yogurt instant pot”, “milk”, “dairy” etc. There are various keyword tools online to help you with this, like KeywordTool.

    • Include a call-to-action (CTA) like subscribe for more videos, visit our website (www.) to learn more, etc. You can also include links to your website, social media, and key relevant links in your “About” section.

  2. Set a Style and Tone for your Channel

    • With good brand planning, it’s important to set a style and tone for your channel. Ideally, this would be done before you start posting content. If you’ve already started, make an effort to concentrate on a centralized tone going forward. Some questions that can help you with that:

      • Who is our audience? What are our target demographics?

      • How do we want to open and close our YouTube videos?

      • What should our CTA/CTAs be?

      • What tone do we want to convey to our videos? Hip and friendly? Sleek and professional?

      • What types of videos do we want to make? Tutorials, Q&As, traditional advertisements?

      • Do we want to incorporate comedy into our videos?

      • Who will be creating our video content? Do we want to hire an agency or professional videographer?

  3. Keep Corporate and Consumer content separate:

    • Generally, it’s better to keep corporate intent and consumer content separate for your followers. Investors may be looking for one type of content while fans of the brand may be looking for videos about the brand.

    • However, I do think there is an art to this that can encompass both that takes into account your brand’s style and tone.

  4. Use various video types

    • It helps to use various forms of videos to post instead of the same style over and over again. For instance, you can mix it up with Q&A, office highlights, top 10 lists, unboxing videos (big with kids now), guests, etc.

  5. Don’t Aim to go Viral

    • First and foremost, make good content that is relevant for your brand. Setting out to “go viral” sometimes misses what’s actually best for your consumers and brand itself.

Article source: With comments from Sipra Thakur.