Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending Dec 14,2018)


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Google+ to Shut Down Earlier

Summary: After a breach in data where developers inadvertently had access to profile information not marked public for nearly a week, Google is accelerating the end date of Google+ from Aug to April 2019.

Opinion: To the few people who still use G+ (basically, Google employees), you’ll still survive.

Offensive Content on YouTube

Summary: YouTube has increased its efforts to remove offensive content from its hub quicker. using a combination of AI and human reviewers. From July-Sept 2018, YouTube removed 7.8m videos with 81% of those being detected by machines. Of those 81%, 74.5% never received one view. During that time, they also removed 224 comments for violating their policies. Because of that, comments went up by 11%

Opinion: The efforts to remove this offensive content actually increased comments, likely because of the resulting quality and validity of content. Humanity, it is a thing!

Facebook’s 3 Things Marketers Need to Know About AR/VR

Summary: One, AR is already adding to everyday life. On mobile, its dominant device use, people use it scan and translate text and chase imaginary figures around their neighborhood. Two, VR will help people defy distance. VR can transform people to new worlds and even be used to help overcome phobias in a safe space. Three, AR and VR are poised to transform the path to purchase. With the rise of online shopping, people still do want to try on things or see how they look in an environment. AR/VR will allow for that missing piece of integration.

Opinion: As a marketer having worked on AR/VR, this is an exciting integration of technology into our everyday lives. It opens up new opportunities and mediums through which to explore how bets to communicate with customers, and, I think, allow for more personalized communications by being able to allow customers to use the technology in a way that best suits their needs.

Marketing in the Digital Age: News Round-Up (week ending Jan 26, 2018)


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Facebook Tipping for Live Gamestreamers

Summary: Facebook Live is launching a monetization strategy allowing viewers to tip a minimum of $3 to creators on their desktop site.  If you are gamer who is reading this, you can sign up here. 

Opinion: This is a great way to get even more creators using Facebook Live.  It incentives more creators to use Facebook Live over competing platforms.  

Twitter AI Photo Recognition

Summary: Twitter will use an AI technique called "saliency" to zoom in on the part of a picture where a user is likely to look to make. Meaning, instead of only seeing a cat's neck when you first upload a pic onto Twitter, AI has learned what most people will focus on and will provide for that as the center of the image.  

Opinion: It's a good move towards improving user experience, but there needs to be a lot more improvement to see a noticeable shift in user engagement. 

Google's Local News App

Summary: Google is testing a tool, Bulletin, that will allow users to publish local news stories and events.  

Opinion: Even though this will be on a local scale, Google will hopefully be integrating checks to prevent contributions towards fake news. 

Super Bowl Advertising Costs and Rejections

Summary: An ad in the Super Bowl will run a pretty penny, at least $5 million pretty pennies to be exact for a 30 second ad.  The NFL rejected an ad from AMVET using hashtag #PleaseStand in reference to players kneeling during the anthem.  NFL spokesperson said the ad was rejected stating the Super Bowl "has never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement."

Opinion: Having worked tangentially on a Super Bowl ad, it's definitely not a spend to be taken lightly.  Make sure your ad is unique, to put it lightly, and have clear awareness goals in mind when creating the ad.